I will be in TPRC42

The 42nd Research Conference on Communication, Information and Internet Policy takes place from Friday to Sunday this week in the George Mason University School of Law in Arlington, VA. I will be one of the CCT candidates covering the event, which has an amazing number of really interesting contributions.

Friday is Panel Sessions Day

On Friday I will attend two of the Panel Sessions:

900 Questions: A Case Study of Multistakeholder Policy Advocacy Through the E-Rate Lens

Public libraries have played a very important role in the expansion of internet access — in a way, they could be considered the better organized stakeholder promoting a democratic use and a rational organization of online contents. Recognized in the Telecommunications Act of 1996 together with public schools, both types of institutions were the target of the E-Rate program launched in 1995 with the aim of making internet affordable to them and free to the communities they serviced. The consideration of Internet as a public good in America has a lot to do with E-Rate.

Larra ClarkProgram on Networks and Program on America’s Libraries for the 21st Century (AL21C)

Alan InouyeALA Office for Information Technology Policy

Tom KoutskyConnected Nation

Jon PehaCarnegie Mellon

Marijke Visser, ALA Office for Information Technology Policy

Governing the Ungovernable: Algorithms, Bots, and Threats to Our Information Comfort-Zones

This is a great panel to see a top level discussion about the gaps between technological progress and regulation. With the internet of things advancing at great speed, researchers and technology firms are now in the position to plan applications that will alter our day-to-day experience in a way public service can’t even imagine.

Erhardt GraeffMIT Media Lab and MIT Center for Civic Media

Kate DarlingMIT Media Lab, Harvard Berkman Center for Internet & Society, Yale Information Society Project

Davis Hake,  Department of Homeland Security

Michael R. Nelson, Georgetown University


2 thoughts on “I will be in TPRC42

  1. Thanks for including me in your list! Your project looks very interesting. Looking forward to reading more of your blog and research.

    • Hi Luis, thanks for your interest! Your resources for online advocacy are incredible, I will be following you regularly. Let me know when you are in DC next time so we can meet.

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