Webinar on the evaluation of policy research

Next Wednesday, September 21st at 1:oo pm GMT I will be presenting the approaches and methodologies on the evaluation of policy research documented in “Who Used Our Findings?” at a dedicated webinar through On Think Tanks:

Can policy research be evaluated and how? The case of American foundations and think tanks

The webinar is free and there are still plenty of tickets for participation in the discussion that will follow the presentation.

Incidentally, the On Think Tank School is offering a long course on M&E for think tanks starting on September 26!

Webinar outline

The webinar will focus on the approaches and methods used by US foundations and think tanks to evaluate policy research –and its impact.

To do so, it will introduce the general practices of think tanks, but also the most innovative practices identified in the expert interviews.  On the one hand, think tanks tend to promote their presence in terms of how many products they put out, how many times they are quoted in the media, or how often do they appear before congress. Slowly but surely, foundations are attracting them towards more ambitious attempts to understand influence that usually include an increased interest in the research uptake of core constituencies, but also the gravitation towards more explicit advocacy efforts.

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